What is the Kids + Faith Newsletter?

Simply put, it’s a letter for adults who want to feel more equipped to have good conversations with the kids in their lives about God, faith, and the Bible. Often that starts with space to revisit Bible stories and theology ourselves, though, becoming more comfortable with what it is we hope to share.

I’m Meredith Miller, a pastor, writer and parent with this kinda of unique (read: super nerdy) combo of a M.Div from Fuller Seminary, over 20 years of kids and family ministry experience overall (five of which where I was the curriculum director of a mega church) and years of experience with the Fuller Youth Institute, who study faith formation in young people. You’ll mainly find me on Instagram, but I also make a Bible story podcast for kids called Ask Away and what is essentially a Bible story podcast for adults on The Bible Binge called I Kid You Not with Erin Moon.

The focus here is giving kids time, space, and experiences to help them get to know God. I have zero interest in putting kids on obedience-training plans. But I do think they can meet Jesus and find out that he can be trusted.

The free newsletter comes out once a month and features:

  • a Bible Story Breakdown with suggestions for sharing the story with kids at different ages

  • Q+A from both an adult and a kid

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The Kids + Faith Community is where we:

  • unpack theological topics with implication for kids with more depth

  • do even more Bible Story Breakdowns

  • get the first info and special offers on resources

  • have the most opportunity to be in conversation with others who are navigating the same waters, including myself.

Whether you subscribe to the free newsletter or join the community, I’m grateful you’re here.


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Meredith Miller
I'm a pastor, writer and parent who has spent most of the past 20 years working on how we talk about God, faith + the Bible with kids. Author of Woven: Nurturing a Faith Your Kid Doesn't Have to Heal From (Aug '23).